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About Us

Freshrr is a medical management platform which provides cloud based solutions to prevent complications due to asthma and COPD. We do this by identifying different trigger possibilities and in course predicting them, thereby reducing exposure and the frequency of attacks. Freshrr also provides reminders to improve medical adherence levels, which statistically has been a problem with asthma patients.

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Intelli Haler

Our Intelligent Inhaler, pairs up with your smart phone, keeps in record of all your dosage.
Its simple, out of the box and keeps you in peace.

Track Yourself

We help you to understand your symptoms.
Forget about worrying.
Its time to lead a healthy and active life.

24*7 Monitoring

Tracking medication progress through smart inhalers and wiring it with the digital platform for timely support and intervention.

Stay Connected

Build a stronger connection with your doctor with detailed reports.
Let your loved ones know your progress through our digital platform.

Improve Adherence

We know you have a busy life, sticking to medication plan might be difficult.
Don't worry, we help you to remember your medication and alert you on right time.


How it Works

Freshrr learns. And helps you understand



Connect your Intelli Haler and
reduce your hassles of managing asthma or COPD


Gain Insights

Understand your complications.
Check your progress through the month.


Track your Symptoms

Get to know your vulnerability in your immediate vicinity.
Freshrr gives you real time notifications to keep you safe 24*7


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